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Religions Shrine

These pictures show my little religion shrine. I say "religion" because I hope to include artifacts from ALL religions. Everything from Islam to Roman Imperial Cults.



The Saint card is St. Servatus, the patron saint of foot and leg ailments!

So far the only religions I have featured are Christianity (not hard to find stuff with THAT religion), Judaism (the dreidel), Egyptian (the Ankh), and Buddhism (the five Buddhas next to Jesus). I want stuff from ALL religions, this includes books. The only books I have are the KJV Bible, Hymns, Book of Mormon, a Gideon Bible from a hotel room, and a book of teachings by Buddha.



Just testing out this LJ email thing. Tried to last night but it didn't
work. Now trying again. If you see this, then obviously it worked, lol.

Where is Everybody?

I'm assuming lots of people have left LiveJournal for Facebook. I sort of did that too. I forget LJ until someone (most like welfy) reminds me of it again.

When listening to music on my computer I generally wear headphones or ear buds. I've done this since I was a pre-teen and was embarrassed by my taste in music. Recently I've been taking the headphones out and letting my parakeet, Prickly Pete*, listen to my music. He generally sings to it in his way. He started dancing to "O.P.P" by Naughty By Nature last night. I get strong reactions from him about hip-hop and the Beatles. And Bollywood music. Go figure. But he likes all the music.

*Prickly Pete is a "Seinfeld" reference. In an episode George Costanza lies to his fiance's parents, telling them he has a house in the Hamptons. They know he's lying but let him lie ("We don't like you George. We blame you for Susan's death"). At one point they are driving to the Hamptons and they ask George questions about his house. He says he has two horses. "What are their names?" "Snoopy and Prickly Pete!" My own Pete is about seven years old now and still seems to be doing fine. We had two other parakeets who died within a year back in 2005/2006. When Pete was the only one I put him in a smaller cage and took him up to my room where he wouldn't be lonely. He loves having me there, even though he gets panicky whenever I make movements towards his cage. At this point I don't want him to ever died because he's my computer buddy.

My Desk


Where the MAGIC happens! My desk is twenty-five years old; got it when I was about five or six. I love it, although I'm now afraid of the chair breaking as it squeaks a lot.

The green beer bottle has a plant in it. And next to that is a framed photo of George Orwell. Otherwise other stuff is kind of clutter.
Only two things, really.

1. I have a new blog. Well, if October is new. It's "Writing As I Please" (it's an Orwell reference...of course) at http://writingasiplease.wordpress.com. I post all kinds of things. Anything, as I please. I write about things such as a lot of stuff about George Orwell, my Asperger's, my disability, and some essays from other people like Hugh Laurie and George Orwell.

2. I changed my icon to Tina from "Bob's Burgers". That's because everybody who has seen the show and knows me say I AM Tina.
Before I slog through the Help pages, does anybody know how to search their journals? I've already tried their search for a story I did years ago and which I KNOW is on here but they didn't find it. If I can't find it here it'll be gone forever. :(
I'm not sure the last time I updated, but I've been slowly doing better since then. It's been two months (yesterday exactly) since my back surgery. My back doesn't really hurt anymore, only when I get up in the morning and if I've been sitting for too long.

Yesterday I was able to take my first steps using a cane, without my walker. I grew over-confident at one point, didn't pay attention, and fell on my bum. But I knew I was going to fall, so it was more of sitting on the ground than falling. But I'm sure with more practice I can abandon my walker entirely. Just not quite yet. I went to my doctors, one of them being my surgeon, last week and they said it'll probably take up to a year for me to be as well as I'll ever be. But I don't think it'll take that long. I think six months at the most.
I had some visitors today. I felt terrible. I felt like they were visiting a 90-year-old in a nursing home. I read that my type of surgery (laminectomy) can take anywhere from eight weeks to six months to recover. I'm sure the surgeon told me that, but I was too busy freaking out when he did.

This is going to be a long year.
One of my problems now that I'm disabled for a while is I get over-confident. I fell a couple of times trying to do stuff on my own last night. I know the nurses and physical therapists at the hospital would freak the fuck out if they knew that.

I was sent home with these. I am able to use a walker without them, but I do put them on for getting up stairs and will wear them when I go out for long periods of time, say shopping for instance. I really have to force myself to use them because I hate them. Maybe getting a bigger shoe size or wearing sandals with them will help.

home at last

Well, I'm finally home. Now is the difficult part. I never really thought about how much a death trap my house is for disabled people until I became disabled. Just getting into the living room is heart-attack inducing because there's a curb just to get into it.

I got some soda from the fridge, and that was exhausting. I had to have someone bring it to me after I spent so much time preparing it (i.e. taking it out of the fridge, getting ice, pouring it into the glass while I leaned against the counter for balance, etc.). It's sort of nice to have slaves, but I also feel a bit guilty.


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